2018-2019 Themes

Creative: Interpret these themes literally or figuratively to express your inner self.
Technical: Themes in this category focus on camera processes and/or post-processing techniques.
Composition: Use the basic rules of composition to interpret these themes in concert with your personal style and interpretation.
Wild Card: Shoot what and how you wish with a short explanation if you’re trying something new.

Theme (Category)

  1. Zoom Burst   (Technical)
  2. Quiet Moment (Creative)
  3. Fill the Frame (Composition)
  4. Wild Card (Wild card)
  5. Macro   (Technical)
  6. Forsaken (Creative)
  7. View From Below (Composition)
  8. Wild Card (Wild card)
  9. Product (Technical)
  10. Leading Lines (Creative)
  11. Golden Ratio (Composition)
  12. Wild Card (Wild card)
  13. Starburst (Technical)
  14. Humor (Creative)
  15. Leading Lines (Composition)
  16. Wild Card (Wild card)
  17. Twilight (Technical)
  18. Door (Creative)
  19. Geometric Shapes (Composition)
  20. Wild Card (Wild card)
  21. The Wild Side (Technical)
  22. Circles (Creative)
  23. Balance (Composition)
  24. Wild Card (Wild card)
  25. SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) (Technical)
  26. Loneliness (Creative)
  27. Movement (Composition)
  28. Wild Card (Wild card)
  29. Sky Overlay (Technical)
  30. Dried (Creative)
  31. Eye Lines (Where is your subject looking?) (Composition)
  32. Wild Card (Wild card)
  33. Water Drop (Technical)
  34. Squares (Creative)
  35. Color Harmony (Composition)
  36. Wild Card (Wild card)
  37. HDR (Technical)
  38. Hard/Soft (Creative)
  39. Negative Space (Composition)
  40. Wild Card (Wild card)
  41. Shaped Bokeh (Technical)
  42. High/Low Key (Creative)
  43. Contrast (Composition)
  44. Wild Card (Wild card)
  45. Full Edit (Technical)
  46. Fear (Creative)
  47. My Back Yard (Composition)
  48. Wild Card (Wild card)
  49. Portrait with f/8 (Technical)
  50. Starts with “Q” (Creative)
  51. Rule of Odds (Composition)
  52. Wild Card (Wild card)