Enjoying my Second Act in life as I explore the world through my camera lens. I have taken up photography late in life, self taught and continue to explore the many tools available to turn an average image into art. Hope you enjoy.

These days I split my time between Maine and Florida with interests in photographing landscapes, nature, and street scenes.

OregonReena 2

101 Things About Me
1.  I was born in Iowa
2.  and raised on a farm
3.  I have one son and three daughters
4.  Whom I am very proud of
5.  I was primarily raised by my grandmother
6.  And I still miss her
7.  I am a news junkie
8.  I own many, many travel bags
9.  I hate Starbucks, but love Dunkin Donuts coffee
10. I graduated from the University of Iowa in Journalism
11. My biggest guilty pleasure is Sterzing’s Potato Chips
12. I love setting goals and achieving them
13. I always question anyone in authority
14. My best vacations have been in Italy, Ireland, Australia
15. and sailing in the BVIs
16. I believe goals are important no matter how old you are
17. I love authors Alice Munro and William Trevor
18. I love my two doggies, Harry and Lucy
19. I enjoyed my career in hospital administration
20. I think bookstores are magical places
21. I dislike doing errands with a strange passion
22. I learned to sail at 50
23. I believe you are never too old to learn something new
24. or begin something new
25. I won a Women’s Regatta
26. I love weekend breakfasts and the Sunday NY Times with The Professor
27. I bartended while in college
28. I’m addicted to home renovation shows
29. When I was 7, I wanted to be a jockey
30. I loved high school
31. I was a cheerleader, forgive me
32. I love learning new things
33. I am a techie addict and everything Mac
34. My favorite feel good movie is Love, Actually
35. I am inquisitive
36. I hate horror flicks and haunted houses
37. I have freckles
38. I hate answering the phone
39. And calling people on the phone
40. I have a strange aversion to malls
41. My favorite stores are Lowe’s and Ikea
42. I have moved 23 times in my life
43. I never can remember a joke
44. I forgive slowly
45. But don’t insult easily
46. I taught Sunday school once upon a time
47. I am pragmatic
48. I dislike cooking  but don’t mind cleaning up
49. I used to sew my kids clothes
50. I rarely get angry
51. I hate crowds
52. I wish I had spent more time with my kids when they were small
53. I was an alto in our church choir
54. I don’t Twitter, why
55. I love the internet
56. I’ve been on a safari in South Africa
57. I used to be a paralegal at a law firm
58. My first job was detasseling corn
59. I prefer the color black
60. I avoid pretentious people
61. I oftentimes cut my own hair
62. I would have been a great prosecuting attorney
63. I was hit by a car when I was 5
64. And wore a brace for several years
65. I love the outdoors
66. I met my husband on match.com 20 years ago
67. I was a pitcher for a fast-pitch softball team for 10 years
68. I dislike board games but love puzzles
69. I have had 7 major surgeries
70. There isn’t much in my life I regret
71. Other then not being more emotional with the people I love
72. I have trouble being vulnerable
73. I guess I tend to be a bit of a control freak
74. I skinny dipped in Key West and swung from a rope into a river
75. I love wine
76. I ate pickled pigs feet as a kid
77. My first child weighed 11 lbs 3oz … Ouch
78. I was awarded Best in Drama in high school
79. I used to be an ENTP and then an INTP and now INTJ … Who says you can never change
80. I hate clutter
81. I had braces on my teeth when I was 27
82. and my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks
83. As a kid, I read compulsively
84. I love cats and dogs
85. As long as they sleep late
86. I love deep conversations
87. I don’t enjoy watching sports
88. But love going to a play
89. I take 10 minutes to wake up to remember my dreams
90. I have a home in Rockport, Maine
91. I love to bicycle
92. I got married the first time at 17
93. That was a mistake except for the kids
94. I coached little league girls
95. I never wear make-up
96. And never wear dresses
97. I did flips off the diving board in high school
98. But can’t jog anymore
99. Cause I ruined my knees playing racquetball

100. So now I just walk 2 miles a day

101. I love my life