Week 4 … #3 Fill the Frame


As I was walking the dogs the other evening, I happened upon this tree with most of its leaves gathered at its base.  It made for a perfect ‘Fill the Frame’ image with my iPhone X and edited in apps DistressedFX and Snapseed.
As I looked up, I noticed a few leaves refusing to give up their post, high above me on barren branches, which prompted this little prose:
Fall beckons and yet a few leaf soldiers remain,
unheeding and unyielding,
to the inevitable path of their destiny, and yet
I wonder …
if I were to come back as a tree
would a sweet finch light upon my waving branches
and comfort me with song
as my golden forces
fall in silence
with unquestioned

8 thoughts on “Week 4 … #3 Fill the Frame

  1. Great poem–reminds me a bit of the one you wrote about a NYC carriage horse, It think it was called, “Does He Still Dream” or something like that. As usual, your photos are excellent.

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    • That is amazing you remember that poem! Thank you for that comment. It is very meaningful when someone remembers work you have created … especially among all the ‘social’ noise that surrounds us!


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