Week 11 … #8 Wildcard, Taking Flight


Sunset at Anna Maria Island.

One of our favorite places for sunsets is on the north end of Anna Maria Island.  The sunsets are spectacular and the sugar white sands are an important habitat for an incredible array of wildlife.  On many many occasions, we have shared evening sunsets with herons, sandpipers, ospreys, cranes, seagulls, skimmers, egrets and my favorite, pelicans.  During various times of the day and year, you’ll see different species of shorebirds, sometimes hundreds, congregating at dusk for an evening feed.

What I always find fascinating, that at some point, as darkness nears, the congregation rise collectively and fly off to their evening roost, wherever that may be.  I love that moment of unison against the setting sun.

(This was shot with an iPhone and edited in Snapseed.  The sunburst was added with the LensLight app.)


10 thoughts on “Week 11 … #8 Wildcard, Taking Flight

  1. Great post and really beautiful photo! Hard to believe you took it with your phone. The once a week post is a great discipline.

    We’re missing you and what’s his name here in the beautiful North. I think our herons have flown southward, but the turkeys and smaller creatures remain for a handout.

    Have a great holiday!


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  2. Wonderful! Love the intense red sunset and the birds filling the sky! I was at Anna Maria Island last week but have never stayed for sunset.


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