April … A is for Adjusting


Laughing gulls at sunset, Anna Maria, Fl

In these uncertain times, one thing for certain is that our wildlife is adjusting to the absence of human intrusion into their worlds.  There are images of animals exploring empty streets and waterways, like in Venice where their canals are so clear right now, one can see sea life in the usually busy and turbulent waterways.  There are images of deer herds wandering around empty town streets, cougars wandering the streets in Santiago, Chile, and dolphins swimming and jumping near the banks of Istanbul due to the lull of boat traffic and fishermen.  Even on the beaches of Anna Maria, the birds have most of the beaches to themselves with little intrusion by the normal crowds.

It is a nice reminder that we are Mother Nature’s guests on this planet and all the beauty that is right outside our door …. is a gift.  And it is free.


April … It Floats!

_NIK0818-Edit-Edit-1 (1)

Key West, November 2017.

Day 23.  We continue to shelter-in-place.  Still not highly motivated to get out and do some photo shoots, I rummaged through old photos for the theme of “It Floats”.  I’ve always loved this photo as the sun appears to be floating amongst the clouds.  I think it is impossible to take a bad sunset photo in Key West!  Continue to shelter, my friends, and stay safe.

March … Something Mauve


Sunset, Anna Maria, FL

One would think that with all this ‘shelter-in-place’ time due to the corona virus, I would be out and about capturing images.  But the truth is, I haven’t really felt in the mood to venture out with the big camera.  I’ve been quite happy with late morning coffees with hubby, dogs walks, biking, hanging out around the pool and watching our resident crow couple build a nest in our neighboring pine tree.  A couple of Great Blue Herons had been building a nest in the same tree when we arrived here two weeks ago, but they decided to abandon their efforts due to our dogs objecting to their flight path.  Naughty dogs!!!

The above iPhone image was captured this past Thanksgiving as we spent a week with family on the island.  I had no idea that we would be spending March and probably April sheltering on Anna Maria.  During those months, we avoid the area all together due to the traffic and spring breaker families.  Now, it is quiet and peaceful.  And for now …  safe.

M is for …. Madness!


Anna Maria, Florida, North End … March 22.

In all this crazy COVID-19 ‘madness’, I thought a peaceful beach scene would be refreshing instead of images of empty grocery shelves.  We are sheltering-in-place on Anna Maria in our vacation rental home after finishing up four months of its renovation.  There are punch list items yet to complete along with new landscaping, which is keeping us quite busy.  The beaches are closed except for residents and rental guests, so it is quite pleasant to be here now versus what March is usually like with lots of traffic and spring break families, (which is much better than this virus! ).  It’s a mad mad world out there and it’s my hope that we as a nation can recover soon from this invisible enemy.  Stay well and safe, my friends.  #flattenthecurve

Week 11 — Boat


Schooner in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Camden, ME

We spend our summers in Rockport, Maine, and there is never a lack of boats to admire in waters that provide some of the best cruising in the world.  Penobscot Bay, where this schooner was captured, offers perfect cruising grounds, with over 200 islands large and small, intriguing harbors, quaint fishing villages and stunning coastal towns and summer resorts.  We never tire exploring Maine’s extraordinary coastal beauty.


Week 7 – Holiday Lights


St. Pete Beach Sunset

I can’t think of any holiday lights that are better than a Florida sunset.  It was a perfect evening on St. Pete Beach the other night as the sun began its descent into the sea.  As you can see in the image, there were very few folks standing on the horizon but within a few minutes, it was peppered with couples and kids and friends who came out to bid another day farewell.  Nothing like a sunset to renourish our spirit and stand in awe of our amazing planet.  The best of holiday lights!

iPhone 11 Pro Max


Week 5 – Joy


Anna Maria, Florida Sunset

The Holidays are upon us and with all the hurry and flurry of the season, I find it an important time to pause and take in moments of joy.  For me, that would be sunsets on the quiet beaches of Anna Maria.  It’s the best gift I can give myself!

Joy exists in the ordinary.

Captured with an iPhone 11 Pro Max with minor edits in Luminar 4.

Welcome Back!


Sarasota Pier, Florida.

We’re back!!  We spent a week traveling back to Florida from Maine with our two doggies in tow, Harry and Lucy.  We didn’t stay quite long enough in Maine to catch the beautiful fall colors I see others postling, but nonetheless, I’m happy to be here, even if the weather is still a bit too warm.  My first week back, I participated in Jennifer Khordi’s workshop, hosted by our photo club.  Our work was focused on sunrise/sunsets, the twilight hour and capturing the Milky Way, although the weather did not cooperate for any Milky Way shots.  I had fun, met some new folks and learned some more photo skills.


Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, Florida.

We spent some evening time in Sarasota photographing the John Ringling Causeway Bridge and its constant changing color schemes.  I haven’t done much evening shooting so it was fun to experiment as the sun set and the sky darkened.  I look forward to coming back to these locations in the future.  The Sarasota lights would make a good subject to practice on!

Until next time friends …..