March … Something Mauve


Sunset, Anna Maria, FL

One would think that with all this ‘shelter-in-place’ time due to the corona virus, I would be out and about capturing images.  But the truth is, I haven’t really felt in the mood to venture out with the big camera.  I’ve been quite happy with late morning coffees with hubby, dogs walks, biking, hanging out around the pool and watching our resident crow couple build a nest in our neighboring pine tree.  A couple of Great Blue Herons had been building a nest in the same tree when we arrived here two weeks ago, but they decided to abandon their efforts due to our dogs objecting to their flight path.  Naughty dogs!!!

The above iPhone image was captured this past Thanksgiving as we spent a week with family on the island.  I had no idea that we would be spending March and probably April sheltering on Anna Maria.  During those months, we avoid the area all together due to the traffic and spring breaker families.  Now, it is quiet and peaceful.  And for now …  safe.

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