Week 6 … Theme # 17, Twilight


Tromsø, Norway.

This beautiful, modern, graceful bridge joins the city of Tromsø, Norway, with numerous other islands.  Built in 1960, the Tromsø Bridge was the first cantilever bridge to be built in Norway and is typical of Norwegian bridges built high enough to allow big ships to pass under it, like the one I was on when I captured these images.  It was dusk and most folks had left the deck.  I remained and happened to spot this photographer capturing some last shots.  I loved the contrast of his red jacket with the blue twilight.

The surrounding mountains and ocean setting all made for some spectacular photos.


13 thoughts on “Week 6 … Theme # 17, Twilight

  1. Great photos, Rena! Though the other photographer’s red jacket really adds a “pop” to the first photo, my favorite is the second shot. The lighting, the balance and especially (at least to me) the wake of the ship makes for a great capture. Nice job!

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  2. Just gorgeous.I like both shots: the primary colors and graceful composition in the first and the symmetry and blue hour moodiness in the second. Besides, I love boats and water so all’s good.

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    • Thanks Evelyn. I joined a great photo club down here in Florida with very active members as well as activities. I thought joining in on the 52-week Challenge would push me to get out and take more photos!


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