Week 47 … #30 Dried …Fading Summer


Pemaquid Point Light, Bristol, Maine

One of my most favorite places to visit is the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in mid-coast Maine.  The rock formations are the most famous and with raging seas, a fantastic sight to capture with the lighthouse in the distance.   For today’s blog, it isn’t about the rocks or the lighthouse but summer’s end approaching and nature’s preparation for the winter ahead.  I thought this image through the window for this week’s theme “dried” illustrated the end of the beautiful flowers and grasses that grace this amazing property.

9 thoughts on “Week 47 … #30 Dried …Fading Summer

  1. Love this- as we are now inside looking out due to the changing seasons and cooler temperatures. Great composition- it’s like I want to bend down to see more of that building. So did you go out and take this photo for the assignment or did you go through your collection and picked it?

    See you soon! B

    bradboyd@tidewater.net Cellphone# 207-230-4974


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    • Thanks Gary. You will have a great time up there!! We are actually heading up to Acadia this week for several days. Weather report looks good if not a bit chilly. Looking forward to capturing some good shots and hoping not toooooo crowded! Make sure you do the route 102 circular drive through Southwest Harbor … some great places to take photos. And google for best photo sites to capture in Acadia … you’ll come back with some awesome images!


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