Week 19 … #14 Humor … Old Man in the Tree


Old Man in the Tree.

Sometimes, we can come upon a scene that just lights up our day and makes us chuckle.  The above image did that for me on my dog walk the other day.  We pass this tree quite often.  It is a huge, beautiful oak tree in Lakewood Ranch on Balmoral Woods Boulevard.  It has a long outstretched branch that one walks under and every time I think … please don’t fall on me today!  Because it looks like it could at any moment.

Sometime in the past week, some awesome person added these adornments to this old tree.  How perfect!  Every time I walk by now, I chuckle and silently thank the person who gave me this humorous gift!

Week 5 … Theme # 6, Forsaken


Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert, Maine

On a recent visit to Acadia, I had hopes of capturing some beautiful images of this stunning national treasure that lies on the coast of Maine.  But the weather had other ideas, and our two days there were primarily encased in fog.  No matter, though, because fog delivers its own beauty.  I came across this scene when we were exploring several of the small towns in the area and immediately cried out “Stop!” to my hubby.  He pulled over and I trekked across a field to this lovely, quiet scene.  I enjoy capturing images and scenes that evoke some emotion within myself and this scene did just that.  These two solo boats seemed lost and abandoned wrapped within the fog.  It evoked a feeling of forsaken within me.  Maybe it does that for you as well.

Week 2 … #2 Quiet Moment


Meet Lucy.

She is our four year old Australian Cattle Dog mix or a Heeler, as some may say.  She is a member of the herding breed and is related to Australia’s famous wild dog, the Dingo.  She loves training, learning tricks and always ready for a game of fetch.  She’s a bossy, high energy, vocal girl preferring people over other dogs and I’m sure would have preferred to be a solo ‘child’ instead of sharing her space with our Harry, a dachshund, whose temperament is her extreme opposite.

I captured this iPhone image (and edited in Lightroom) of Lucy in a ‘Quiet Moment’ as I took my time to wake up one morning.  Yes, she sleeps on the bed and obediently waits for permission to leave it.

This is the look I get as she waits.  Each and every morning, as if saying  “Ready for a new day, Mom?”