French Quarter … Little Bit of Everything


French Quarter, New Orleans.

Often times, the side streets of the French Quarter can be as interesting as Bourbon Street, with all its jazz and funky characters.  Being Halloween weekend, there was no lack of interesting characters on the streets, but I specifically liked the composition of the image above and waited for just the right folks to walk by.

Later on, we encountered this large parade of Arizona Cardinal fans who were rallying support for their upcoming game with New Orleans, whom they lost to … 31-9.


Even the dogs are becoming street performances nowadays!  I don’t know how long this dog stayed in this position, but while we watched him, he didn’t flinch a bit … not even when his owner presented him a small treat, eating it while still in the same position!


Hope you enjoyed … until next time.

(All the photos above where shot with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.)

Week 2 … #2 Quiet Moment


Meet Lucy.

She is our four year old Australian Cattle Dog mix or a Heeler, as some may say.  She is a member of the herding breed and is related to Australia’s famous wild dog, the Dingo.  She loves training, learning tricks and always ready for a game of fetch.  She’s a bossy, high energy, vocal girl preferring people over other dogs and I’m sure would have preferred to be a solo ‘child’ instead of sharing her space with our Harry, a dachshund, whose temperament is her extreme opposite.

I captured this iPhone image (and edited in Lightroom) of Lucy in a ‘Quiet Moment’ as I took my time to wake up one morning.  Yes, she sleeps on the bed and obediently waits for permission to leave it.

This is the look I get as she waits.  Each and every morning, as if saying  “Ready for a new day, Mom?”