Week 21 … #16 Wild Card … African Beauty


Elephants of Botswana, Africa

Well, I am seriously behind on my posts, my friends, but I do have a good excuse.  We have been in Africa with friends for the last three weeks on incredible private game safaris and through 5 countries … Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.  We tracked leopard, viewed the antics of wild dog, observed sleeping cheetahs within a few feet, followed the great wildebeest migration, observed the cycle of life and death of newborn calves, learned the struggles of lion prides and was awed at the beauty of elephant herds.  And that’s just a smidgen of our travels!  All documented in over 4,500 photos and that doesn’t even include the deleted ones.  Now the hard work begins …. selecting the best of the best of those 4,500 images.  That will take some time.  But in the meantime, over the next few days, I will attempt to catch up on my 52-Week Photo Challenge!  I hope you enjoy.