Week 52 … #52 Wild Card … Adieu.


Sunrise, Sand Beach, Acadia National Park.

Walking into the sunrise.

As the 52 Week Photo Theme Challenge comes to an end, so does our time in Maine.  When you read this, we will be on our road journey back to Sarasota for the winter … and warm weather!  Thank you to all who have followed my travels and photos for the past year.  It’s been fun!  Maybe I’ll just continue with my own themes.



3 thoughts on “Week 52 … #52 Wild Card … Adieu.

  1. Thanks Reena- truly enjoyed your incredible talent! We will miss you and Ralph for fun times and adventures! Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking for some new shots out of the iPhone 11. We will keep in touch, I’m sure. Best, Brad

    bradboyd@tidewater.net Cellphone# 207-230-4974


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