LWRDPC 52-Week Challenge Bloggers

Here are the websites of those participating in the 2018-2019 Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club’s 52-Week Photography Challenge. The challenge runs from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. There are 52 different themes and each week participants will post one photography that supports one of the themes.

Please click on the links below and then follow the weekly posts of your fellow bloggers.

Amber Wagner (click here)
Arthur Okula (click here)
Bobby Ray (click here)
Carol Chafetz (click here)
Carol LoRicco (need web address)
Carolyn Eliason (click here)
Charlotte Haislip (need web address)
Clara Gingerich (click here)
Danny Chamberlain (need web address)
Daryl Carrington (need web address)
Diane Broda (click here)
Dick Foster (click here)
Douglas Jones (click here)
Frank Metcalfe (click here)
Gary Trammell (need web address)
Gary Wong (click here)
Howard Reben (need web address)
Jacqueline Fay (click here)
Janice Shanahan (click here)
Jennifer Stephens (click here)
Jewel Thompson (click here)
Jim Eicken (click here)
Joseph Heil (click here)
Judy Ramlow (need web address)
Judy Schettino (click here)
Karen Kaiser (click here)
Lani Jones (click here)
Larry Deitch (need web address)
Madi Ruhl (click here)
Marc Schweitzer (need web address)
Margaret Lanier (need web address)
Marie Lough (click here)
Mary Nell Moore (click here)
Michael Ritzie (click here)
Mike Fults (need web address)
Mitchell Layne (need web address)
Nicola Tilt (click here)
Pam Truitt (need web address)
Pam Williams (click here)
Patricia Reed (click here)
Randy Shuert (click here)
Reena Walkling (click here)
Rick Waid (click here)
Roberta Caacini (click here)
Ron & Marcia Owens (click here)
Ron Mason (need web address)
Rose Lettiere (click here)
Sally Frank (need web address)
Sam Samarasinghe (need web address)
Sheryl Viera (click here)
Stacey Havill (click here)
Scott Strobl (need web address)
Steve Wilhelm (need web address)
Sue Christensen (click here)
Sue Karski (click here)
Suellen Oberthaler (need web address)
Susan Beausang (click here)
Susan DeVictor (click here)
Susan Moore (need web address)
Susan Piper (click here)
Trixi Huish (click here)
Vinnie Veneruso (click here)
William Stark (need web address)
Wynann Fiondo (click here)